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A fine traditional boutique hotel in picturesque Messaria, in the island of Santorini. The former residence of a Prime Minister is now transformed into a complex of luxury suites that offers impeccable hospitality to those seeking an unforgettable getaway.

The luxe atmosphere of these outstanding suites in Santorini, reverberating the mansion’s glorious past, is coupled with all modern comforts and an exceptional service focused on flexibility and personal touch: 

we promise to tailor-make your every wish come true!  

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About the Mansion and its History

The Markezinis Santorini Suites, is a Boutique Mansion comprising five luxury suites, among the finest in Santorini. It is situated in the traditional village of Messaria, the hub of the entire island, with easy access to the beaches, the caldera, the archaeological sites and all other places of interest.

After extensive renovations, this building of high historical significance is now ready to offer a lavish accommodation to affordable prices, to guests looking for a private, romantic getaway. This traditional Santorini hotel’s nostalgic neoclassical style and elegant, classy atmosphere revoke its former splendor of the 19th century and the fine aesthetic, matched with an impeccable, personal- touch service, mark the sophisticated hospitality we can offer.

The Markezinis Santorini Suites used to belong to an aristocratic Santorinian family, whose pedigree dated back to the Venetian rule (in fact, the name ‘marchesini’ means ‘little Marquesses’ in Italian). The most famous descendant, Spyros Markezinis, to whom the residence finally passed, was an eminent Greek politician, law and historical scholar.  He became Prime Minister of the country in the 70’s, while his brilliant economic reforms as Secretary of Finance in the 50’s not only saved the country from bankruptcy, but also managed to lead it to financial development.


It was in this mansion, today Markezinis Suites, where he grew up as a child, the son of another prominent politician. And later on, even as Prime Minister, he used to fly here by helicopter to spend holidays, or retire from his many duties in the capital.

Today the family's residence has been outstandingly renovated with the outmost respect to both its historical consequence and original decor. The Santorini luxury suites feature the interiors of the 19th century wealthy houses in Santorini, and the villa, in the island’s traditional architectural style, is enhanced with all modern amenities. 


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